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For applicants from Poland:

Admission fee – 85 zł

Tuition fee - no

Additional fee – 300 PLN (didactic trips, visiting companies, transport, service etc.)

For applicants from UE/EFTA countries:

Admission fee – 22 euros

Tuition fee - no

Additional fee – 300 PLN (didactic trips, visiting companies, transport, service etc.)

For applicants from other countries :

Admission fee – 200 euros

Tuition fee - 2000 euros per semester (6000 euros for the whole program)

Additional fee – 100 euros (didactic trips, visiting companies, transport, service etc.)

The admission fee is paid only once and is not refundable.

Foreign students with documented Polish nationality (origin) can obtain a 30% discount of the fees.


To be considered for admission to the first semester of the postgraduate studies in English at Automotive Engineering Specialization a candidate must have a degree in engineering or Master of Science degree and possess good command of English.

The level of English should be high enough to enable candidates to understanding lectures, reading literature, making notes, and actively participating in laboratories in this language.

At the admission process to the postgraduate program the basic recruiting index is W1:

W= D x 10+OD

where :

D – is the grade of the diploma

OD = WG x 25 – is the index of the candidate’s output. The maximum OD number is 25.

WG – the weight index assigned to the candidate, depending on the level of consistency of the program of the original undergraduate studies the candidates graduated from with the program they apply for. The evaluation is carried out by the Faculty Qualification Committee on the basis of the documents submitted by the candidate (the diploma and the supplement).

Deadlines for applications:

For applicants from Poland:

from 13.12.2011 to 1.02.2012 - registration in Edukacja.CL system

from 26.01.2012 to 1.02.2012 - applications submission 10.00 - 15.00

For applicants from other countries : 30.11.2011

About the admission requirements:

Admission department workers

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