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Automotive Expertise - lecture

After Graduation Perspectives

Once qualified the graduates from our Master of Science program will have the professional knowledge in the range of automotive engineering with particular concern in the latest trends in vehicle and engine construction as well as the standards of ecology and operation.

Apart from the professional knowledge they will also possess perfect command of English which places the graduates ahead in the race for the best quality employment both in the construction offices, in the production process servicing and in the highly specialized servicing companies.

The recent rapid development of Lower Silesia has been aimed at motorization. That is why many of the most famous companies such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Wabco, Bosch and also other transport and maintenance companies have chosen this location.

The prospective graduates apart from specialized knowledge will also possess many professional skills in the range of computer aided designing, constructing, machine and device research and operation.

The unique program is designed to foster the development of the professional skills and to enable the graduates to work in the international and interdisciplinary teams strongly motivated to further education in the field of automotive engineering.

Program Description

the program specializing in automotive engineering has been designed on the basis of the long –term cooperation between Wrocaw University of Technology and many other European centres based on the bilateral contracts and most of all the international programs such as :

  • „New Fuel and Drive Systems in Vehicles”,
  • „Car Ecology – New Technological and Ecological Standards in Automotive Engineering”
  • „Ecology and Safety as Driving Forces in the Development of Vehicles”

The program includes the following general problems in the fields of mechanics :

  • mechanical construction modeling
  • plumbing systems
  • integrated manufacturing
  • materials designing
  • multibody system modeling
  • analytical mechanics
  • strength of materials
  • machinery components testing
  • safety

as well as the following specialization subjects :

  • vehicle and engine construction,
  • electronics in vehicles,
  • chemistry of fuels,
  • environmental engineering and alternative driver systems

It is optional to realize the program partly in the other universities in Antwerp, Barcelona, Valencia, Turek, Thessaloniki, Graz within the international student exchange program.

After each semester the students are asked to fill in the eveluation questionnair for each teacher (attached below)


Why study in English ?

It is true that studying in English is a great intellectual challenge but at the same time facing this challenge guarantees a lot of new opportunities :

  • your job opportunities in the competitive job market will dramatically grow. You will easily exist in the international team or company which will ensure your future career prospects are met
  • good knowledge and fluency in the professional language places graduates ahead in the race for quality employment. You will get to the latest updated information much faster and more effectively than others as most of the articles are published in English.
  • Taking into account the perspectives of the scientific career your fluency in English will increase your opportunities for participating in the works of the international academic teams which means aiming high in your career aspirations.

You can share your opinion about studying in English with other students here :

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